How Our Live Video Shopping Platform Works

Live Customer Video and Web Chat

Live video selling and web chat allow your business to reach millions of internet users as effectively as welcoming them inside your store. The secured video and chat feature provides a clear line of communication to your customers. Using video, your sales attendant can demonstrate a product to a remote customer which is the next best thing to an actual in-store visit.

Live Monitoring of Online Customer Web Traffic

Our live customer video feature has a built-in online traffic counter. You have an accurate record of each and every customer that visits your store. The system\'s analytical tools can provide customer and product data which can be valuable in many ways, like recognizing the busiest store hours or having a clear picture of who your best customers are.

Customized Website Widget with Your Shop Colours and Brand

We offer customization of the widget to make it yours. Send us your branding theme and colors, we will then generate the new widget for you. Instead of going through the development process of creating your own live customer video system, just white-label our service and the personalized icon will make it seem that you own the system.

Customer Offline Messaging

Some customers just can\'t wait for the store to open. Or an undecided customer suddenly wants to buy that last remaining item but your store is already closed. Our system will allow these shoppers to send a message to your store and attendants. The messages will be queued, ready to be read and replied to once your store opens.

Live Webchat Translation in 40 Languages

With our system, your store can open literally to the world. We have equipped our system with a robust webchat translation feature. This will covert live online webchat from the remote customers to your store attendant and vice versa. Two completely different nationalities with different languages can have a productive and clear discussion. Discussions that can greatly influence a sale.

Video Call Screen Sharing and Co-Browsing

At your store\'s peak hours, just like your onsite customers, your online customers would be lining up to be served. With our system, your online customers can be served simultaneously using our screen sharing and co-browsing feature. Online viewers seeking an opinion can invite other shoppers or a friend to view your products before purchasing. This boundaryless way of shopping opens a lot of opportunity for both seller and buyers.

Secure Credit and Debit Card Merchant Account

Payments can be done online even while on the video call. We have provided all the secure payment portals available. We are sure that every customer, regardless of the region will have a mode of payment available. We can even verify the payment over the duration of the customer\'s video call thus providing another layer of security.

eMobile iPhone Application

Webliveview is also available through an iPhone application which increases our system\'s accessibility. With more and more people shopping online using their mobile phones, our mobile app version will allow your business to capitalize on this trend.

Personaliztion Options

Modern consumers expect retailers to customize their efforts based their needs, Give your customers the personal touch with options of adding hand written notes cards a personaliztion service for them with transactions with our personal shopper functions . This provides your customers with unique buying experience with your business .

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