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Retail Sales Assistant
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Benefits to
Retailer's Business

Increases up selling and cross selling opportunities with retail customers
Doubles online sales conversion rates
Boosts your customer service ratings
Improves customer loyalty
Reduces shopping cart abandonment

About us

A customised web platform is developed, integrated and installed for each retailer. This will take account of the unique requirements of every retailer and their customer base. After a short period of testing and training on the WEBLIVEview the retailer can offer this service to its customers. Retail customers can connect and communicate with the retail outlet using a video and web chat widget application which is integrated with the retailers website.

The customer can send a message to the sales person in real time requesting information on a product they are interested in buying.The customer can choose video interaction or web chat only.

The sales assistant can answer questions immediately and can also offer video and audio demonstrations of products.There is a calendar application tool to manage appointments for one or more sales assistants.

WEBLIVEview holds a real-time stock list with product pricing. It also offers the possibility to give special customer

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  • I found the ipad easy to use . the cutomers sales transaction can be completed easily and smoothly, in a few simple selections on the ipad . We found WEBLIVEview has invaluable reporting functions for managers or owners that can track sales performance in real time, performance of individual sales assistants as well

    Sarah Smith London

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