Live Video Shopping For Retail Business

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Benefits to
your Business

Customize your website to focus more on better customers experience.
Communication is very important part of business that is why our tool offers video chat, voice calling, and text messaging to help you establish a productive interaction with your customers.
Video call demonstration can be given to consumers if they need extra help in familiarizing themselves with your products.
The calendar application tool can be very useful in getting your sales team organized. You can easily manage appointments for several individuals on your sales team.


Retail stores rely on customer foot traffic to generate revenue. Although there is a shift from a bricks and mortar business to e-commerce model, certain retail business verticals still benefit from having face to face customer interactions. High ticket item stores like jewellery shops are more effective if customers see their products in person.

If you have a website and your goal is to get the most out of your bricks and mortar business, you need to have the right tools to do that. By using our plug-in for live video shopping platform, you can improve customer engagement with live video chat. Our tool features video calling and text chats, allowing real time interactions between the physical store personnel and the distant customer.

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  • We found webliveview software easy to use and of great benefit chatting and helping with our online customers with our product range and sales

    Sarah Smith London

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